Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dear Nikon,

I'm a little disappointed that you've forgotten to invite me to your exclusive BlogHer party two years in a row.

pretty lights
Pretty lights

I can't really blame you, though. I mean, even though I've had this blog for 2 1/2 years and my D60 for a year and a half, I don't really show off my photos, do I?

Crazy boy
Crazy boy

I don't really know why. I used to be so good about going through my pictures every week. Editing them, posting them, sharing them here on my blog.

Backyard fire

But life is busy. There just isn't enough time. And so I've gotten out of the habit.

little slugger
Little slugger

I haven't stopped taking pictures. But I have been favoring my Canon SD1000 (my little, fit-in-your-pocket point-n-shoot) over the D60.

My, you're very purple-y today.

I never really learned to use it properly. I can kinda fake it...I don't always shoot in auto mode.

"Mom, take *my* picture!"
"Mom! Take my picture!"

But its a shame, really. I've been told I have a good eye for composition. If I could just get my technical skill, both when using the camera and then in PhotoShop, up to par, I might really have some work to be proud of.

Camera shy 1

Camera shy 2

Camera shy 3 
Camera shy

So maybe by this time next year, you'll have sent me an invite to your fancy shmancy party.

And my little guy will learn to smile for the camera.

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Really, this isn't about being invited to a party. I just thought the idea of presenting this as a letter was funny. Its more that taking pictures is important to me, and its something I really like to do. Since getting my Nikon for Christmas in 2008 I've been telling myself that I was going to learn how to properly use it, and more often than not, its sat in its case in my closet unused. Its about time I make good on that promise to myself! I may take a class or two, but I will definitely be posting more pictures.


Burgh Baby said...

I'm totally going to harass you if you don't make good on that "more pictures" promise.

Tara R. said...

These are wonderful! I love the perspective on that first shot.

I have a D60 too, and it's really easy to use the other settings. (I shoot in Priority a lot).

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I have a D60 too. I need to shoot in other modes more often too. Love the perspective in the first shot.

Wineplz said...

I always love your pics! If I were Nikon, I would've invited you before you got your Nikon camera just to convince you to buy and use.the product...

Heather said...

i looove the angle on the first shot but they are all adorable! :)

maybe next year you can go to nikon? hahaha

Jenty said...

Love the last few, they're too cute. Hope you get invited to the next party

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

hey, let's strike a deal: I will show you how to use your camera, for FREE, if you babysit my kids.


What? Why are you running away???

Terrie said...

you're a great photographer! and we're all going to hold you to that promise of more shots.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful,and your commentary through the post kept me going. Loved it... those last three made me chuckle out loud!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful,and your commentary through the post kept me going. Loved it... those last three made me chuckle out loud!

Wisconsin Mommy said...

Love your photos! If you ever find a photography class up our way, lmk - I'd take it with you. (Though you might have to give me a quick tutorial beforehand I've not yet taken my Canon off of auto-focus!)