Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A journey of 2,099 miles starts with a single tank of gas.


I wasn't exaggerating when I said we've been busy this summer. This map shows the trips we've made for every wedding, shower, party and family reunion this summer. And somewhere in there, Hubs and I also went to Jamaica, and our boys to another Northwoods location.

Mama's tired.

(Can you even imagine how many packs of fruit snacks we've gone through on all those car rides? And how many kids movies I've had to listen to from the backseat? Note to self: buy two pairs of headphones for car.)

So its not really surprising that I looked at the calendar last week and noticed OhMyGodBlogHerIsNEXTWEEK.


New York has been on my mental list of "cities I really want to go see". And I get to do it. Next week. With girlfriends.

I am seriously geekin' out, girlie style. And my girlie freak-out is being fueled by emails from some blogger friends that I have plans to meet up with when I get into NEW YORK CITY on Wednesday. They've made abundantly clear my lack of planning and shopping and preparation for this, the holiest of blogging holidays, by simply mentioning all of their planning, shopping and preparation. (I'm also meeting up with Sue, who's written a great post for any BlogHer newbies or anyone nervous about next week.)

Just look for me, folks. I'll be the tall gal wearing a burlap sack.

Really, I'm not obsessing about what I'll be wearing. I mean, kinda. Not really. But sorta. Just a little. Cuz I'm a girl and I can.

Someone HELP.


As Cape Cod Turns said...

Breathe Colleen! I am sure I will over pack, so you can wear my leftovers. Haha.

You must have worn something to those family reunions and weddings, just bring that! And your burlap sack incase I don't have anything good.

I will allow you to attach onto my toddler leash that Melisa will be pulling me around on.

Don't forget the fruit snacks!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Holy miles is right! But the next leg of your journey will be better--all women! Have fun!

Melisa with one S said...

You are going to be the HOTTEST mama in a burlap sack that BlogHer has ever seen. haha

Relax. Just bring 1 pair of black pants and five different tops. And comfy shoes. *snicker*

melissa said...

burlap sacks go with everything. you can dress them up or down with the right accessories!
so excited to see you again!!