Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I wanna be a cowboy, baybee... (a.k.a. That time my friend touched a celebrity's ass.)

So Country Financial emailed me and asked if I'd be their blogger for the Jason Aldean show in Madison and I excitedly accepted. I mean, a night out, an opportunity to go backstage, meet a celebrity AND get to go to a free concert? With one of my oldest and dearest friends? YES PLEASE.

We were like giggly little high school girls again.

before the show
Me & Steph, before the backstage show

See what happens when you don't get out often and you're given a Sharpie and big ol' empty poster to write on?
We headed out west, into the sunset and made it to Madison in plenty of time for the show. We were ushered into a small room, where a stage stood waiting for our backstage show. Before he answered questions and performed, every one had an opportunity to have their picture taken with Jason, and Steph and I got in line.

I will say this for Mr. Aldean - he was very easy going, very welcoming in a "Y'all come on in" sort of way. So Steph and I, we walk into the little curtained off area where the pictures were being taken, and he shook our hands and introduced himself, leaning in to catch our names. It seemed natural that we looped our arms behind his back and got in close for the photo.

It just wouldn't be "country" enough without the beer bottles in there.
After we walked out, I said to Steph, "Maybe that wasn't cool, putting our arms around him like that," but she wasn't listening. Her face was red and she was giggling.



"What?!? You groped him?!?"

"No! When I went to put my arm around him I like, kinda just accidentally BRUSHED his butt with my arm."

"An accidental butt-rubbage?"



I went on to tease her some more and we had a good laugh about it. Mrs. Aldean? Steph swears it was an accident. She's pretty honest. Most of the time.

He answered questions from the crowd, where it was hard to miss a grade-school aged girl in the very middle of the front row. She excitedly waved her hand in the air, and when called on, asked him how he got started in music. I don't remember exactly what he said, but moments later, he and two of his band members played an acoustic version of Big Green Tractor. When they were done, he thanked us for coming and said he hoped we enjoyed the show.

Then he leaned down, to that little girl in the front row, and handed her his guitar pick.

That little girl was so excited she cried. It was the coolest thing for him to have done that.

Now...I will admit that originally I didn't know many of Jason Aldean's songs. Honestly, I looked some of them up on YouTube before the concert. Some I knew but didn't know they were by him, others were totally new to me. BUT...that concert last Thursday night was honestly one of the rockin'-est, most entertaining shows I've ever been to. (And that's saying a lot - this Milwaukee girl has been to quite a few, given that the Summerfest grounds are a stone's throw from my office and I've seen bands like Aerosmith and Cheap Trick in concert.) Jason Aldean has a few more stops left on his tour this fall, and I recommend you pick up tickets if he'll be anywhere near your area.

If he won't, you can still head over to the Country Financial Road Trips and Guitar Picks site and play a game or two to win free downloads of music by Jason or Jewel.

Its not as good as touching a country star's butt, but its pretty darn close.

red crowd


Cottongirl7 said...

Wow! Sounds like you two had a wonderful time. It's always great to meet a celebrity and find out they are just a normal guy like everyone else. I'll bet that little girl will tell that story to her own kids someday. It doesn't always take a lot to make someone feel special. ;)

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Hahahaha. That's totally cute!!

jennifer bowen said...

you go girl lol

givinguponperfect said...

Oh, that just made my day. I hope he comes to KC soon. Not that I'll be touching him inappropriately when he does. AHEM. :)

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Hahahaha. That's totally cute!!

Stephanie Crisci said...

I still blush and giggle just thinking about touching it. ;)

Lisa Dewane said...

What absolute fun that must have been! And way to go Steph! lol

Gnightgirl said...

Hey,hey...I didn't want to read yours before I wrote mine, I was worried I'd be doing too much comparing. We wrote much the same thing though; guess this guy puts on a good show. Also a good thing I didn't, as I very well might have tried to get some butt rubbage too, knowing it was possible!

Nice post, Aldean Sistah!