Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter weekend

I actually did make my cranberry cream cheese bread this weekend. Tis beautiful, no?

cranberry bread

We got hit with a big winter storm this weekend! The weather forecast had predicted snow beginning after midnight Friday night, but when we woke up Saturday there wasn't any new snow. So I was surprised to find it pouring rain when I walked out of the grocery store Saturday afternoon. RAIN?!?

I opted to stay out of the rain and do some shopping online Saturday evening, watching the rain come down at a 45° angle. Sometime that night, the rain turned to snow and we got whalloped. By Sunday morning we had nearly 12"! I can only imagine how much snow we'd have gotten if that rain had instead been snow!

So Sunday I did what any good picture-takin' Momma would do: used my Christmas present to take pictures of the snowy mess from my warmth of my home.

snowy swingset

tree close-up

Heh...realized as I took this that the neighbors might think I'm some creepy peeping Tom. 
Sorry dudes - just thought this was a great picture of all the snow!

Later, the boys and I took the 4-wheel drive truck down to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a little holiday get-together before my Grandpa heads to Florida for the winter. A lot of my family are really big snowmobile enthusiasts (I mean, what else does one do in January otherwise?) and my uncle got their "kitty cat" up and running for the boys. Nick is the perfect size and age for it - he rode that thing around the yard like a little pro! Will on the other hand, gets the idea but can't quite control the throttle. Its either wide open or nothin', as evidenced by this photo:


It didn't matter that he almost knocked himself off every time he hit the gas, he laughed the entire time! was a pretty good winter weekend even though The Hubster got stuck at work late Sunday morning and we didn't see much of him.

Hope you are all staying warm, wherever you are!

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