Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the "non-life list" life list

I've never really sat down and made a "life list". I think the idea of writing one out is kind of silly - if there's something I want to do in my life, I just do it. It might not happen right away - in some cases its taken years - but I tend to think that if there is something you really want to do then you aren't going to actually forget it, are you? Or you wouldn't really be into it to begin with, right?

But here I am. In the midst of a non-writer's block writer's block, not wanting to be away from the blog for too long, looking for something to write that isn't too deep and I present to you my life list. In no particular order.

Places I want to visit
redwood forests of CA
most of Europe, really
San Francisco
New Orleans
Places to visit again:
the Carribean
New York City

Other stuff I wanna do:
learn to surf
learn to play the guitar
learn more about wine
write a novel
have it published
buy a sweet car
go sky diving
quite my full-time job and work an alternative schedule for 1 yr
take a trip with other couples
take a trip by myself*
take a trip around Lake Michigan on a motorcycle
own my own motorcycle
go cliff jumping
paint/decorate every room in my house
have landscaping done (by pros) on my yard
go on a ski trip (maybe UT?)
actually take a good photo a day for a year

There's an awful lot of travel in there, isn't there?

*I've done this many times for work but I'd like to take one for fun

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