Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Boys & The Big Tree - Year 4

Three years ago, after a particularly crazy day at work, I took my kids to the park.

It was one of those days I laughed about later, though at the time I was frustrated and angry that things couldn't just go smoothly for once.

Looking back, though, I'm glad I did it. I'm glad I'm the Mom that Does Things, even if things aren't perfect or are sometimes even half falling apart.

I'd rather have memories of treating my kids to a picnic in the park, even if they dropped their hot dogs in the dirt and the napkins all blew away than NOT.

No one ever looks back and says, "Gee Mom, I remember that time you took us right home after picking us up from the sitter's. That was AWESOME!"

On that day back in 2008, I looked up from the playground and saw this enormous tree and decided it'd be a great place to pose my kids for pictures. Each year since, in June, I've found a reason to be at Greenfield Park and pose my kids in front of The Great Big Tree.

And I take their pictures, even if they aren't perfect.

The boys & the big tree (#1)

The boys & the big tree (#2)



Nick & Will posing by the big tree - 2009

Nick & the big tree - 3

Will & the tree, 1

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