Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shark-tooth, ooh-boppa-doo

My six-year-old has shark teeth. Until yesterday, his bottom teeth looked like this:

Shark teeth
Poor kid. It was SO early when I took this.

Which, as a parent imagining years worth of orthodontist's bills, made me shudder. Several months ago we found his permanent teeth were coming in and somehow they'd neglected to give his baby teeth their eviction notices. When he was sad that he couldn't yet share stories with other friends his age about money left under his pillow, we decided that we'd make the fact that he had two rows of teeth a cool thing.

Then at the same time made a dentist appointment to have those lil babies pulled before school starts.

But I silently prayed that my boy wouldn't have to go through the trauma (as "fluffy" a trauma as having baby teeth pulled by a dentist may be) of having to have his teeny little pearly whites pulled and that he'd get to enjoy the small rite of passage of losing them naturally instead. For weeks we checked those bad boys:

"Any wiggling today?"


until finally finally one day he showed me that one actually was loose. Halle-freakin'-lujah.

And I swear, just so he could prove to be more like me every day, he refused to pull out that tooth even once it was so loose it was hanging out all sideways. I mean, look at that picture. The sight of that tooth all snaggly in there still skeeves me out. FLEH.

The past few mornings I warned the sitter of his super loose tooth in fear that it would just pop on out while he was talking and a baby would find it while crawling across the floor and shoot it down the hatch before anyone could stop him. And then there'd be poop to poke through and God forbid we be responsible for poop poking.

Instead what happened is while watching The Incredibles at the sitter's yesterday, he reached in (probably while not fully thinking about what he was doing) and just plucked that tooth out.

I walked in the door yesterday evening to have Will shout excitedly, "MOM! NICK LOST HIS TOOTH!!!"

To which Nick replied, "SHUSH! I GET TO TELL HER!" Elbowing his little brother out of the way, he stopped six inches in front of me, craned his head up and said, "I lost my tooth! See???" then proceeded to open his maw and poke around in the raw hamburger-like mangled gum line that was left in front of his new permanent tooth.

"Awesome!" I proclaimed, and the sitter produced a small ziploc baggie with the world's tiniest baby tooth inside. Its amazing that he could chew anything.

Just in time for school pictures. Yay.

While at dinner last night, he asked me how to spell a few words.

"I'm writing a note," he explained.

This is what it said:

When I asked him why he'd be sorry the tooth fairy had to come to our house he simply said, "Well, what if she's like, on vacation or something?"

How sweet that he doesn't want the tooth fairy to have to cut short her water skiing trip in the Dells.

Wouldn't you know it but this morning that tooth was gone and in its place were two crisp one dollar bills. He proudly showed them to his brother and I.

Then Will, ever the naive little brother, asked, "Nick, where's your tooth?"

And he replied, "The tooth fairy turned it into this money, duh."

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