Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am grateful...

I sorta just needed to remind myself how awesome my life is this morning, and I've been wanting to write more here, so two birds...one stone...

...for a car that starts every time I turn the key.

...for having enough money to fill my tank as often as needed.

...for kids who get themselves dressed and ready in the morning.

...for sunrises over half-frozen farm fields.

...for morning radio DJ chatter.

...for random questions from the backseat. ("Momma, how much longer till winter is DONE?")

...for remembering to pack myself a lunch.

...for NOT forgetting my wallet a second day in a row.

...for light traffic.

...for tea and a cozy chair with a great view for a few minutes' break with a friend.

...for work that keeps me busy...and paid.

And most certainly, for more love (and goofiness) from friends than one girl should ever be lucky enough to have!

Blue (wo)man group
This shot is straight-out-of-camera.
We were having too much fun posing under this bar's blue track lighting.