Thursday, February 7, 2013

"The Batman Game": a playful review

I can't even believe I never posted this. Shame shame!

I was contacted by a rep working with Wonder Forge games a few months ago, who asked if I'd like to try one of their new board games. My kids and I love board games...we have many and they all get equal time in the rotation, except for maybe Sorry!, which usually only lasts for about 10 minutes before Will gets frustrated and proclaims Nick and I to be big fat cheaters. This was a review right up my alley.

After a few shipping and receiving delays, the box arrived just before Christmas. While I said I was happy to play it and review it, I was honestly a little worried that it would get overshadowed by all of the other Christmas and birthday gifts that had just been received.

Come to find out I needn't have worried.

This game quickly became and still is the "go to" toy in our house. (In fact, as I write this the box is on the floor here in the living room because I promised Will that while there wasn't time to play tonight, Grandpa would play it with him when he comes over tomorrow. Heh...)

The game I had selected to review is called The Joker Fun House. (Or as Will calls it - "the Batman game". Its clear who his favorite is!) There are four DC Comics super hero game pieces (Batman, Superman, The Flash and the Green Lantern) and one Joker game piece. Each super hero has his own super power, so while its a game where the players take turns moving their pieces along the game board, at certain times during game play the character you're using will use his super power to stop the Joker. The goal is to get the super hero pieces to the finish line before the Joker gets to his getaway car.

Not only do my kids love super heroes, but the interactive game play kept their attention and made them want to play over and over again. (And over and over and over. Hence the note that its Grandpa's turn.) This game has been rated as being for ages 4+, but my eight-year-old loves it as much as my five-year-old does. (And my twenty-eight-year-old brother can't deny that he had a lot of fun playing it, too.)

The Batman Game

This is a great game for any kid who loves super heroes. Other Wonder Forge games feature characters such as Curious George, Angelina Ballerina and Dr. Seuss. They retail for around $20 and are available at many major retailers like Target, Walmart and Barnes & Noble. I highly recommend them!


Guavalicious said...

I adore Wonder Forge games. When the girls are a little older, this is going on our must get list!

Kathy said...

Sounds and looks like a fun game! I appreciate hearing about ones that my 3 year old and 9 year old might be able to both play together. Thank you for sharing your experience.