Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just another manic Monday...

Are you singing it now? HA! Got you!

So my worries about my birthday were all for nothing. I do that a lot. Worry about all the people who say they can't make it and forget about all the GREAT friends I have that would be there for me at 4 a.m. on a Tuesday in January if I needed a ride somewhere. The real day was yesterday and it was great. But first things first - Friday night we went out to eat in true Milwaukee fashion, to celebrate with some of our "4 a.m. on Tuesday" friends.

Now, for those of you not from the midwest, Friday night fish fries are BIG here. In case you don't want to read the whole article:

Lotsa German & Polish Immigrants + Catholic Faith (and no meat on Fridays during Lent) + being near a big body of water = Friday Fish Fry

They're so big here that there is a place, the American Serb Hall, that boasts they hold the world's largest fish fry. They even offer a drive through. I know from experience that their drive through is likely to wrap around the block and that a person could just about eat in the dining room in less time than it takes to wait in that looong line.

We went to Don's Pub. They have a great fish fry and operate in a location that's been around since prohibition ended. How's that for history? I sorta feel more cultured, eh, since eatin' there dontcha know.

After lots of fish, steak fries and beer, we went to the ol' neighborhood bowling alley. I haven't bowled in SO LONG.

The bowling alley offered lots of high class libations, such as the Pabst Blue Ribbon and Blatz shown here. Oh, and karaoke. The only thing missing was our old-school bowling shirts. I've always wanted one with "Dottie" embroidered on the front over the left-hand pocket. (Friends - jot that down on your "list of crap to get Colleen" list. I know you have one.)

Oh, and we found our new favorite shot. "Hot Sex in the Butt". Its yummier than it sounds - Hot Sex and butterscotch schnapps.

After our two hours of bowling were up, of course we'd had enough to drink to actually do karaoke.

Here are Steph, me and Emily singing "Manic Monday". There was much more singing after that, but this is the only one I'll own up to.

And yes, I was hung over on Saturday. Because, like, when do I ever drink? And why do I ever think its a good idea to do shots?

The rest of the weekend was nice. Jay worked - Mom came over on Sunday, made dinner and cleaned up afterward. That's just about the best thing ever. Until you get to Monday.

I took the day off work yesterday. Steph took the day off cuz it was President's Day she needed time to be properly thankful for all our presidents. (*snort*) Emily doesn't work on Mondays, she's a beauty operator (that's a hair dresser to the rest of you folks), and the three of us had a girl's day.

I woke up slowly, hung out and snuggled with the fam in bed. Then went in my PJs to Steph's house and Emily gave us both highlights. (I love you, Emily!) I didn't take any pictures of the "after", but trust me, we're cute. We finally got showered (separately - get yer mind outta tha gutta), dressed and got out of the house in time for a late lunch where we stuffed ourselves with sushi. The girls paid as their treat for my bday (love you guys AGAIN). We were so full that we walked around Stein Mart for awhile to walk it all off and they made me try on dresses. Barf. O. Rama. Not dresses in general as much as the dresses they thought I should try. (Yellow? Are you serious?!?)

Then it was off to get pedicures. It may be -40 outside, but damn, I have cute toes! Its just too bad no one will see my feet until May. I got home around 8:00, in time to give Nick hugs and kisses and tuck him in bed and watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry with Jay.

And lovely hubby that he is, Jay also got me a car charger/thing-that-lets-you-listen-to-your-iPod-through-your-radio thing for my iPod. Thing. It was the perfect birthday!


Manic Mom said...

What an awesome, awesome, awesome birthday celebration! Even if it DID include Hot Sex in 'da Butt Bob! (Tell me you know that episode from The Newlywed Game or I will surely weep!?)

What great friends you have, especially because one of them is named STEPH and the other one is a BEAUTY OPERATOR--LOVE THAT!

Just sounds perfect--lunch date, pedi, a little shopping with friends, a teeny hangover, ipod prezy, snuggle and movie time, karaoke... Happy Belated Birthday!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Manic Mom said...

Oh, and here's another thing--My mom's name is Colleen!!!

Colleen said...


And yes, I *do* get the Bob Eubanks reference...that newlywed woman's been on all the "outrageous tv" specials. Poor lady!

I feel so honored you've read my teeny little blog!