Friday, March 21, 2008

Flashback Friday - No. 2

Let me first say that Mother Nature is a cruel, cruel bitch.

In the past week, we've seen temps near 50. The massive piles of snow that line my driveway and the rest of the city have receeded, and turned into nasty poop-looking piles. Birds have returned to chirp outside my bedroom windows in the morning. But today is the official second day of spring and we're due to get a new 10-15" inches of snow. Not funny, Nature. Ha ha, you had a good laugh. Now leave us alone. Don't you have some mudslides or hurricanes to get to in another part of the country?

*sigh* But I digress...

I've decided that today is another Flashback Friday, and they're so fun that I may just do them every week. Today, I offer you some pictures of Nick (who is now 3) and one of Will. Enjoy!

Nick's 1st Christmas, Dec '04
4 weeks old

Little gamer, Jan '05
~ 8 weeks old

Nick's 1st Halloween, 2005
11 mo. old

Will, July '07
4 months old

Can you read his shirt? It says, "Chicks Dig My Ride". I was sad when he outgrew that. Will was (and is) a big baby. That onesie was a 6-9 mo. size and he only wore it for about two weeks longer after this picture was taken.


Melisa said...

Adorable! I love flashbacks too!

Ha ha... about 8 weeks ago I bought the fifteen-year-old a pair of flannel pajama pants that say "Chicks dig me".

He has already grown out of them. Ugh.

Jenny said...


And yes mother nature is a whore. I must agree greatly. We have one warm day, three freezing day, and so on and so on. I hate it!

Janel said...

cutie pies!