Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekly Winners - June 15 - 21, 2008


Cute kiddos
Little cuties

Nick & the big tree - 3
Nick & the big tree
Greenfield Park

The flirt
Will flirting with girls

Will & the tree, 1
Will & the gnarly tree

Sunet in the park - 1
Sunset in the park

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THopgood said...

My favorite is the "Leaves" photo! Perfect moment!

HRH said...

That tree is crazy big! I love the scene from that table. So perfect for a picnic.

Happy2bme said...

Looks like a great picnic day!!

Last pic - I love this picture. Mainly because the grass looks so green.

Mishelle Lane said...

Awesomeness lives here!!! Great shots, Colleen.

lisa marie said...

Oh absolutely the cutest kids!