Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just a bunch of funny stuff I wanted to share

Have you found my 365 blog yet? I'm still keeping up with my daily photos, I just felt it was getting too cluttered with them over here.

Last week was "F" week at Nick's preschool. They learned about firefighters, and by extention, fire safety and when its appropriate to dial 911. Apparently, they were also told that Mommy and Daddy need to pull over when they see a firetruck or ambulance, because he broke into tears when we passed an ambulance parked in front of a building and I didn't pull over.


"Hon, its OK, they're parked. They're not going anywhere, I -"

"NOOOOO, YOU HAVE TA PULL OVERRRR!" Waaaaa... (massive tears and near breakdown follow)

Don't know why that was such a big deal...

I took both boys to the grocery store (cuz I'm crazy like that) last Monday after work. We were in the dairy section and I picked up some more coffee creamer. Nick stands back from the display, goes, "Hmmmmm..." with his hand on his chin, as if he's deep in thought about something.

I smile at my 110% boy. "Whatcha doin', hon?"

Brewer hat on backward, over-sized cowboy boots on his feet, I chuckle at the image of him thinking so deeply. "I gotta think about what kind of coffee I want."

"Oh - you're going to drink coffee now?"

"No. When I'm big."

"Like, when is that going to be?"

"When I'm tall. When I'm four."

I begin to point out that he'll be four in just a few weeks when he sees some creamer with a picture of chocolate cake on the front. "I'll take this one."

I stifle my laugh. "Well, this might go bad before you're tall enough for coffee. Let's keep it in mind and we'll get some when you're big enough. OK?"

"OK. I still don't like coffee anyway."

Sometimes he's so grown up...sometimes he's still just my baby.



Huckdoll said...

LOL...I'm sorry to laugh, but that whole emergency scene was hilariously cute :D

Vodka Mom said...

those are really adorable. I love it when they say "When I grow up- you know, when I'm four...."

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That's one funny kid. I love those kinds of stories.

Mama Smurf said...

I love that! I remember when I was 5 thinking that I'd be all grown up when I was 10 and I'd be able to slurp coffee like my parents.

Karen MEG said...

That coffee story is just adorable!!!

Oh and the emergency stuff, yeah, it's incredible how kids absorb that stuff and take it so literally!

InTheFastLane said...

kids do take that stuff seriously. My son was mad at us for not having a fire ladder outside his window :)

Melinda said...

LOL, my little one told me the other day she would have a baby when she was a big girl...I was too afraid to ask when that would be.

Momo Fali said...

How funny! If I gave my son coffee, I'd NEVER be able to keep up with him. I can barely do it now.

Miss said...

That is seriously too sweet about the emergency vehicles. I cant wait to see his reaction when one is actually on the road!

Amber said...

Oh, those are both TOO cute! (My kids DO want to drink coffee - ayayay!!)