Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Coffee Clutch: Better late than never edition

Work's been busy this morning. Whatchu gonna do?

Today's Random Song Off Colleen's iPod:

Yes, I have Michael Buble on my iPod. Shut. Up.

What we've been doing
Will's officially in a big boy bed! He's not doing too bad...if "not bad" means that threats and bribes don't work and only taking away his brother (which results in MASSIVE tears) gets him to stay in bed, then he's doing not bad. Nick then goes to sleep in our bed and we move him after both are sleeping. Baby steps...

It was the cutest thing this morning when he walked into our bedroom timidly, carrying a ball (his most prized possession). He peeked around the door, saw Mommy and Daddy and got the BIGGEST "are you proud of me?" smile on his face. Like, "Ha ha! I got out of bed by myself, found this buh-ball by myself and FOUND YOU by myself! Yay me!" He then abruptly left the room to go play buh-ball. At 6:30 in the morning. (Damn time change!)

Say WHAT?!?
Who knew? Someone Googled "muscular men" and found this post. Have you read it yet? Its pretty durn funny.

Songs we sing in the car
Huh. I don't remember any particular song standing out as having been sung ad nauseum this week, just heard, "William, pull my finger!" from the backseat enough times to make me threaten to call the gypsies. Oh, you don't threaten to have the gypsies come pick up your children when they're not behaving? You should try it. I have no idea what Nick thinks gypsies ARE, but he's super afraid of them.

Moments for Me
Jay was able to add a day off to his weekend, so we had three whole days off together. At the same time. I feel so spoiled! We got sitters for Friday and Saturday nights and went to Halloween parties. It was great!

I'm not telling what we dressed as...I don't have my camera with me at work today but I'll get a pic up soon. All I'm saying is I stole the idea from another blogger and it was FUH-NEE. You'll just have to wait and see...

Bloggie stuff
OK, two things this week. First, an award.

Jean over at Moody Maria bestowed this one upon me, and said some of the sweetest things...its just awesome that she took the time to write up nice little blurbs about the people she passed this on to. (She even made me all teary-eyed, darnit!) So I feel somewhat bad that I won't be doing the same. If your name, or your blog's name or one of your kids' names starts with an "A", this award is for YOU! Yes, I realize this is a cop-out. Sorry, Jean. But I'm leaving the office soon, have a LOT to do tonight and just realized that I'll be working from home this evening as well. BAH.

Second, a meme. Maria (Wow, its a good week for Marias!) at Mommy Melee tagged me for a seven random things dealie. Ha-ha-ha-hem (that's me clearing my throat) here goes:

1) I hate planning meals. When I plan meals a number of days in advance, I never feel like making/eating the item(s) I've planned to make for that particular day. But I'm sick of eating completely uninteresting, bland things, so I wrote out a menu plan yesterday. I'll probably only make half the items on that list this next week, and NOT on the days I have them scheduled, but at least I'll have all the ingredients to make them.

2) I once dressed as a die for Halloween. No, not dice, that would imply I had a partner in crime. I think I was like 9 or 10, one of those awkward ages where I was clearly much older and taller than my little brothers. I'd like to think that people gave me more candy cuz they saw that not only was I hugely tall, but my bangs had a cowlick in them that even superglue could not remedy. On top of it? I was in a big box, painted white with black spots on it. I couldn't get my hands around the front of the box to even feed myself a piece of candy as we were trick or treating. When we stopped to rest? I couldn't sit down. Great times. Thanks Mom.

3) Last week Tuesday, Jay was getting the boys ready to go to the Y. Nick has preschool for a few hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Will goes to the onsite child care and Jay works out. He started the car (it was cold out) and left it running while the boys milled about the yard, he grabbed their bags and locked up the house. Only when he turned back to open the car door and get the boys in their seats, he found he'd locked the car while it was running. SO glad this was him and not me. They missed pre-school that day, but he was able to get back into the car on his own whereas I would have sat there and cried instead. Now Nick has a new story to tell the checkout girls at the grocery store.

4) I just got a blue screen of death error on my other PC here in the office. DAMN.

5) Do you ever feel like there is a dis-proportionate number of handicapped spots outside the mall versus handicapped people? I seem to shop at places where there are always TONS of open handicapped spots, forcing us folks with little (heavy, wandering) kids to have to carry them from the far side of the moon. I've seen them, rarely...I'd love to see more "parking for expectant mothers and parents with small children" spaces.

6) I found this site while Stumbling the other day - its just cool. Oh, and your kids will like it, too.

7) I hate chunky peanut butter.

I'm tagging Supermommy, Kat, Red Lotus Mama, Kim @ Jogging in Circles, Angie at A Whole Lot of Nothing, Mama Smurf and Marni. If you need a little fodder for this nablopomo business, consider yourself tagged as well! Would love to read more aboutcha!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to use that 'gypsey' line from now on - despite the fact that I could be dragged off to prison because of some act of racial discrimination.

A Whole Lot of Nothing said...

awwww... franks! you're too good to me. I'll be doing this soon!

Melissa said...

Parents with small children parking would be great!
By the way, I added my email address to blogger because i totally felt like you were talking about me in your other post! ha ha.

Karen MEG said...

Colleen, you're too hilarious! I'm a closet Buble fan too (we canucks have to stick together LOL!).

Yeah, about those handicapped spots, there are actually more in the school/daycare parking lot than there are for daycare parking. What a frickin' pain ... some parents have got ticketed for popping in and out with their kids.

About those spots, I notice that sometimes there are so many strollers at malls, they should just make whole sections for their moms and tots!

Threeboys1mommy said...

Whoo I've been tagged! I'll play this week, promise. I've got the Buble on my iPod too Sway I think.

Green Girl said...

Ah, you are a joy to read. I once did what Jay did (to my great shame). I convinced Mr. T to squirm out of his car seat and unlock it himself!

Congrats on that big boy bed!

Huckdoll said...

Lol, I dressed up as a die too at the same awkward age.

I bet you didn't go out in the rain though and have all your black die dots wash away. So then I was awkward and a white box. Awesome.

Kat said...

Thanks! I do need me some nablopomo stuff. Don't know if I will make it - sigh.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

You're awesome. Gosh when did I get so behind on your blog?? Thanks for the tag, I intend to do a 100 tidbits soon, I hope...

Congrats to your brother and I LOVE your costumes. I think that covers most of my reading just now. LOL

Marni's Organized Mess said...

You're awesome. Gosh when did I get so behind on your blog?? Thanks for the tag, I intend to do a 100 tidbits soon, I hope...

Congrats to your brother and I LOVE your costumes. I think that covers most of my reading just now. LOL