Friday, October 8, 2010

2010 (So far) according to the pictures in my phone

So. I finally got all hip and cool and got a phone this year that takes pictures. (I know.) Then it only took me 10 months to get a memory card so as to effectively get the photos off the phone.

Here's what's been important enough to need an instant photo so far this year.

~ January ~
Will was sick and fell asleep in my arms. 
I am well aware that I may not get many more moments like this. {*sniff*}

~ January ~
More sleeping, this time together, on top of one another in the car.

~ February ~
Will, playing with Valentine's balloons.

~ March ~
March madness for the basketball boy.

~ April ~
This was the same duck that gave him a HUGE bruise
two days before we had the boys' pictures taken.

~ April ~
There were a few weeks where I was only addressed as Catwoman.

~ May ~
I guess, at the very least, they were sharing.

~ June ~
We bought them new bikes...

~ June ~
...and Nick was ring bearer extraordinaire.

~ July ~
I work downtown - a great place to get a walk in over the lunch break.

~ July ~
We had dinner at a place out on Little Cedar Lake. 

~ July ~
Transformers 3 was shot at the Milwaukee Art Museum for a few days. 
This was the best shot I could get.

~ July ~
We had our bi-annual family reunion in Sparta, WI this year.
This is "downtown" around 11pm. 

~ July ~
I caught this pic near the tail end of my crazy ride home during a torrential downpour.

~ July ~
My boys are so good and here's actual photographic proof.
I had taken them out to eat by myself - brave, I know. 

~ August ~
Ground Zero

~ August ~
Trinity graveyard - NYC

~ August ~
Shots of Patron with Melissa
~ August ~

While I was at BlogHer, my brother took the boys to see a Milwaukee Iron game.
They now expect to get to go out onto the field at just about every major sporting event. 

In September, the kids started school. This was Will's first day of 3K.

 Dude I've been busy!

Just a little shout out to my friend "Other Colleen" who coincidentally also did a post of pictures from her cell phone on nearly the same day. Great Colleens think alike!


Lauren said...

Oh, so THAT's how you get the photos off the phone! I know, I know ... I also text like an old lady, I'm told. Very cute photos of the cuties!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

What a great batch of pics. I love your boys. They are so stinking cute.

Totally a great idea for a blog too. I might copy it. ;o)

Doubtful though, I have like 20 drafts already to go already. Yikes!

Cottongirl7 said...

Love it, a year in cell phone pictures. I really like the picture of the graveyard. (I know, of all the pictures)Maybe its because it's getting close to Halloween. These phone cameras are so handy when you only have a second or, like me, forget your's out of battery has cheerios glued to the lens...etc. I <3 it.

Colleen said...

Now I feel like I need to go back and do another post of cell phone pics. I just focused on those teeny tiny girl pics. They really just hit me.

I did get some pretty good NYC cell phone pics too. I especially like one I took off that balcony at the party we "crashed".

melissa said...

i haven't had tequila since august.

love all the pics!


Lindsay Maddox @SillyMomThoughts said...

Aw, I love this! Such a great idea!!