Monday, October 29, 2012

Fire and bubbles and smoke rings, OH MY!

Normally, when I write a review of something, I try to keep it from being too "review-ish". That is to say, I'll write a summary of a product or service I've been offered through my blog by telling my own story that includes information about that product, service, or concert. I try to provide an authentic, organic, real-life review of my experiences, and not just a "gee this was great!" review.

But sometimes, things just are what they are.

Sometimes someone emails you and offers you tickets to a show in exchange for writing a few posts on your blog. And sometimes that show is just really awesome and there's nothing to say other than that.

Sometimes the stage of that show fills half an auditorium and the set of that show is not props and scenery pieces that get moved around but rather in the way movie theatres shine their projectors onto a movie screen...the scenery of the Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular was shone onto the backdrop and floor and changed repeatedly throughout the performance...sometimes even as a character was turning around.

Sound cheesy? It was anything BUT. The other spectacular thing this stage show included was that the actors and actresses all spent lots of time in harnesses, suspended high above the stage. Combine those together and you get an entire sequence where the main character was interacting with the scenery and walking on the wall.

You might not be able to see it well, (probably the reason they ask you not to take pictures - they do the show no justice!) but the actor is in the middle near the tree. He was being suspended from above by a harness, "walking" along the path until he came to that tree. Then the chunk of land where the tree is collapsed and it appeared as though he grabbed onto the land on the other side to save himself. SO COOL.
There were scenes that appeared to be underwater (with real bubbles!) and other scenes that were mid-air. And there was fire. REAL fire.

Oh - and the dragons! I got halfway through this post and am just NOW talking about the dragons? Yikes. They were the main draw! There were enormous dragons that flew through the air (sometimes with human cast members on their backs!) and dragons that walked and hopped across the floor seemingly independently. Some breathed fire and some blew smoke rings. My boys were constantly turning to me, whispering excitedly, "MOM! DID YOU SEE THAT?!?"

I had a friend who just happened to have tickets to the Saturday afternoon show text me in advance and ask, "What was your favorite part?"

My answer? "The whole thing!"

Seriously - this show is still coming to several cities, so if it will be anywhere near you I highly recommend it. You can still get 25% off any weeknight performance in any city (Friday nights included). Just enter the code MOM in the promo/special offer box.

We all totally dug it.

At the #dragonslive show and super excited!


Melisa said...

LOVE that picture of the three of you!
Glad you had a great time: I've heard nothing but good things about the show!

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

holy shit that looks amazing!

(and the pic at the end is priceless xx)