Friday, November 9, 2012

Will for President

Before bed last night, my kids and I lay together on my bed cuddling.

Because their "cuddling" involves as much wrestling and somersaults as hugging, I began asking them questions in an attempt to hold their attention and keep their little bodies still, and not get all riled up before bedtime.

"Will baby, what do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked.

He stopped his squirming, propped his body up one elbow and looked directly at me.

"I'm gonna be a baseball player!" he exclaimed, gesturing with his hands. "And when its not baseball season I'm going to be the President."

Oh really...

"You sure you want to be President? That's a big job!" I said to him.

Without hesitation, he simply said, "YEP!"

Goofy kid, I thought.

But then this morning after breakfast I decided to interview him a bit as to where he stands on the issues. You know, in preparation for his campaign in 2044.

"So...when you're president, what kinds of decisions are you going to make?"

"Guys who decide to do bad things can't. They go to jail. And if there's a bad guy who puts a good guy in jail? I'm gonna call the police and they'll save him."

Will, giving his first Presidential interview on the living room couch. In an Lego Indiana Jones t-shirt.
That he couldn't stop lifting up while we talked.

"Oh. So you're pretty tough on crime. That's good. What else? What about the environment?"


"The environment is the earth - the ground, the air, the trees, the water...everything outside. What do you think about it?"

"You can't litter. You have to pick up your garbage. You can't just chuck it on the ground behind you."

"Oh. Very good. What about recycling?"

"Yep. You gotta do that too."

"Oh. OK. What's your stance on education?"

[Blank stare...]

"Education is school. Learning stuff. What do you think about education?"

"Oh. You haveta go. And you can't be late!"

"Well definitely! What about after high school? When you're all done with the school you have to do?"

"Then you should go to college."

"Everyone has to go to college?"

"No. Some people don't want to do college. But they can still learn stuff."

"Oh. So like skilled trades? How to be a plumber? Or an electrician? Or a carpenter?"

"Yeah. They can do that instead."

"Well that's great! We need people to do those things. What if someone can't pay for school? If they don't have enough money?"

He thought for a minute. "Hmm. Well, maybe they can borrow some. But only if they give it back!"

"That's called a loan, bud. Mommy got a student loan to go to college."

"Yeah. They can get a loan."

"Good! So you'll make education a priority."


I laughed. "What's your stance on health care?"

"Oh!" His eyes perked up, and he jumped up from the couch, ran to the kitchen, and came back with a sheet of paper. I immediately recognized Nick's "healthy chart" for Cub Scouts. For two weeks Will's older brother needs to track how many times he washes his hands, how many glasses of water he drinks, how many hours he plays outside, all to become more aware of setting and keeping healthy habits.

Referring to his research on health care. His brother's "healthy habits" chart for Cub Scouts.
 "You should drink lots of water. And wash your hands," he said, pointing to bars his brother had colored in on his chart. "And sleep, too. You gotta sleep." Clearly, this kid appreciates research.

I looked up at the clock. "Well, bud, its time to get to school. Can I interview you again before the election?"

He grinned. "Aw, Mom..."


Colleen said...

He sounds like he'll be a pretty awesome candidate. Honest straight-forward answers.

Brandie said...

Love this! We had similar talks this week. My 6year old is going to give food and money to people who don't have any. I asked him where it would come from and he told me, we have great friends who like to share. So I'll just ask them ;-)

Sarah said...

Sounds great - he has my vote!

Michelle said...

This is beyond awesome! I love this interview. I need to capture some of the wee ones for posterity before it's too late and they aren't cute anymore. And Will? He's got my vote!