Monday, February 11, 2008

The crap I've been watching

Perhaps not surprisingly, I've been watching very little TV lately, despite the weather that's kept me indoors. (OK, I should reword that - "Adult" TV. And by "adult" I do not mean the "bowm-chicka-wow-wow" type. I just mean not cartoons. Or Blues Clues. Or Sesame Street.) I did not watch the Grammys. I rarely watch awards shows. But I didn't watch the Pro Bowl, either. That's not really sports, anyway. I *did* watch American Gladiator last night. It took me all of four minutes to declare it was the worst crap I'd ever seen on TV. (That man Wolf takes his role waaay too seriously. Doesn't his mullet SCREAM of needing to prove his manliness?)

So, for no other reason than because I want to, here are five of my guiltiest TV pleasures, proving that my review of American Gladiator may really hold no merit.

1) My Big Redneck Wedding, CMT
I originally loved My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding and Bridezillas, but this show takes the concept to a whole new level. Instead of watching spoiled daddy's girls spend $4 mil on chocolate fountains and hand-made chandeliers, you can watch daddy's little redneck spend $40 on a new matress for matress surfing.

2) MXC, Spike
If you don't know about MXC already, here's a recap. Japanese game show + English voice overs = HYSTERICAL TV. When I say game show I mean people doing ridiculous physical stunts. Think - person in a velcro suit vaulting over a pond of dirty water trying to stick to a velcro wall on the other side. Hilarity ensues. Watch it.

3) Jon & Kate Plus Eight, TLC
If you don't know of Jon & Kate yet, they have twin 7-yr-old girls and 3-yr-old sextuplets. Kate is a bit anal to say the least, but if that's all she has to show for dealing with all those kids every day, I say "Go witchyo self, woman!" I'm like that some days and I only have two.

4) Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Travel Channel
Bad-attitude chef travels & eats. Somehow its a great combo for me - I like this along with Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods. Can't really say why.

5) Sex and the City, TBS
When TBS bought the rights to show re-runs of this and The Sopranos, I thought, "What a gip!" How could they possibly do justice to two great shows and take out all of the stuff that made them great? Well, enter the writers' strike and look what I'm reduced to. Still good, but probably because I remember all the stuff they cut out.

Oh, and next week's gem? My Dad is Better than Your Dad. Could be real funny - let's hope some overzealous dads get hurt. Did I say that?


jenny jones said...

I love Jon & Kate Plus 8...I just started watching it b/c of the lack of anything good on TV...

Have you been keeping up with American Idol...I started this season off strong and then It just bugs me to watch it...I turned it on last night and then found myself I know it was BAD!

Colleen said...

No, no Idol in this house. I watched a few seasons back - was a big thing at work. We'd get together for lunch and talk about our faves. But interest has fizzled, and not just with me!