Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mommy gets a nap

Its such a rare occurance that I felt it worthly of a blog post.

Jay and Nick went out together this morning to run a bunch of errands and were gone for about three hours. In the mean time, Will and I woke up slowly, got dressed, had breakfast and then played. Around 10:30 I went down stairs to put in a load of laundry. Coming back to join the baby in the living room, I saw him from the other room with a toy in his hand, looking around with a puzzled look on his face.

I immediately saw Kevin McCallister in Home Alone:
I'm eating junk food and watching rubbish, someone better come and stop me!!!

I realized there have been so few times in this child's life that he's gotten real, honest-to-goodness one-on-one time, and even fewer times that have been uninterrupted. Most times, his older brother is cruising around trying to take whatever toy he's playing with. It was almost as if he didn't know what to do!

Well, he got over it pretty quickly and we had fun. And it was nice for me to leisurely do laundry instead of rushing to get it all done before whatever afternoon plans we'd had made - for once it wasn't such a chore.

Around 12:30 he went down for a nap. Daddy and Nick came home with lunch, and after eating, Nick went down, too. I decided that the fact that both would be sleeping AT THE SAME TIME was enough of a reason for me to celebrate - with a nap of my own. Heavenly. Three hours later and the baby's still sleeping. I should go wake him up before he has the chance to grow six inches...nah.

I had no idea how lucky I am. Just look at the seranade I got the other night - "Jingle Bells!"

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Anonymous said...

How lovley for you. It's like doing something like that is really special - but only a few years ago it was normal life.

This sounds bad but I sometimes take a day or two off when the kids are at school - JUST so I can potter about and do what I want. I have two days coming up this week where I am doing that. Childminder is on holiday so once the boys are at school I have SIX whole hours to do what the hell I like.