Friday, May 2, 2008

Flashback Friday - May 17, 2003

So last week, I assigned a theme to this week's post - let's see you on your wedding day. Any picture will do - share, link up - I'm sure you were beautiful. If you're not married or don't want to play along with the theme, that's fine, too - still give us that linky love.
I'm not much in the mood to write tonight. My Grandma isn't doing well and its just a matter of time. We'll be surprised if she makes it through the night. My eyes are sore and my head hurts and I'm playing online to keep myself from thinking about it any longer.
But I loved my wedding. I loved my dress (and I only paid $350 for it - bought it off the rack and took it home that day). We had an awesome time and I thought it would be lots of fun to share the pics. I just don't have it in me to write about the actual wedding today. And besides, Rebecca over at Ramblings by Reba is hosting a wedding day carnival on May 19th and I'll be playing along.
Until then, I hope you enjoy!

us, closeup
The happy couple

my dress
The back of my dress

At the park for pictures

under my dress
My bridesmaids, lost trying to bustle my dress

guys waiting
Some of the guys, patiently waiting for them to bustle my dress

our wedding cake
Our cake, with hand-made topper, made by a friend taking a glass-blowing class

There's a good story behind this one - but the new hubby ended up in his boxers on our wedding night. In front of all our guests. Trust me, it was funny.

Happy Friday everyone!


Rebecca said...

Yay! How fun! Thanks for sharing your pics... :)

THopgood said...

Your dress is beautiful! That's the kinda dress I SHOULD'VE gotten!

THopgood said...

PS...I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma. Praying for your strength in the difficult days ahead.

Anonymous said...

I ran across your site via "My Life." I am sorry to hear about your Grandma. Hopefully, you have someone to help you through this difficult time.

Your wedding dress is beautiful (and a great bargain!) You have inspired me to dig out my wedding pictures as well and I will get them posted later today :)

Suzie said...

Im thinking good thoughts for your grandma. Beautiful dress

Marni Tiani Self said...

That's HILARIOUS!!! The boxers I mean. VERY pretty pictures.

Happy2bme said...

I love your dress. Great choice.

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. I'll be praying for her.

The Apron Queen said...

I forgot to leave on comment on Fri & tell you how beautiful you are on your wedding day! :D

Thanks for hosting this meme.