Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year, pumpkin carving was the complete opposite of last year. In October of 2007, Will was about eight months old, and he loved the feel of the gooshy insides.

Heh this pumpkin stuff!

This year, notsomuch...

You want me to WHAT?!?
You want me to stick my hand WHERE?!?

Last year, this was as far as Nick was willing to go:

EEEW! So slimy!
Oh my god - look at how SKINNY he is!!!

This year? GUNG. HO.

Nick & his pumpkin

"DAD! I want a SCARY pumpkin!"

scary pumpkin
The hubby did a good job, eh?

Have you written a recent flash back post? Link up! But use your permalink or I'll send a goblin after you!


JanMary said...

Love those photos and how their reactions have changed!

Shannon said...

Very cute!!!!

Tom said...

Nice carving job. Looks really scary!

We are THAT Family said...

Great job! My kids love the ooey gooey feel!

And tell him it's very scary!

Melisa said...

Happy Halloween!

maggie said...

Aw, such great pictures to cherish. Yay for Halloween while it's still so magical.

Kim said...

Those flashback pictures are classic..

Looks like fun!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Jogging IN Circles

Kameron said...

I tried to get my 16 month old into the pumpkin guts, but he was more interested in banging the spoons I had out to scoop! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! I don't 'do' pumpkins as I can't stand the smell so I just buy plastic ones and bucket shaped ones.

Happy Halloween - 'we' have just come in, frozen to the marrow and high as a kite from all the sweets!

lynn said...

Happy Halloween! Cute pics. I leave the pumpkin carving duties to my hubby. I don't like touching the guts either!

Heidi said...

Don't they look like they are having a blast?

Muthering Heights said...

Cute pics! We are definitely in the loving-the-gooshy-insides phase!

Mishelle Lane said...

ADORABLE, Colleen!

I've written about memories recently. :D

Huckdoll said...

Oooh, I'm so joining in on Flashback Fridays for that idea!