Monday, July 12, 2010

New car FAIL.

Back in April, when I went back to working full time, the Hubster and I realized we needed a new car. The job required a bit more of a drive than I was used to - a commute of roughly 45 minutes each way. (On a good day, when its not rainy and I'm not already running late.) The '99 Chevy Blazer I'd been driving for 2 1/2 years was very nice - it could hold the kids and all our stuff without being a minivan, and we didn't have payments for it. And it was not a minivan.

But it left something to be desired in the gas mileage department. The transmission in Hubster's vehicle had started to go, and we decided that he'd get my Blazer and I'd get the new car.

Some days, its good to be me.

Having sworn I would never ever ever buy a brand new car ever ever ever again some years ago, we began to look locally at used. And then I saw an article on CNN - after all of that economic stimulus whatever-the-heck they did back when they were offering cash for clunkers, auto manufacturers were still struggling to keep their heads above water, and were offering all sorts of cash-back incentives and next-to-nothing interest rates on new cars. Their used counterparts that were just two years younger? Were only a few thousand dollars cheaper, and you'd be looking at 6 or 7% interest (if you're lucky) versus 0% or 0.9%. It would have been dumb to buy a used car.

So after searching the Web to find the dealership with the best offer, we headed out one night, sans kids, to test drive and purchase a brand new car.

OK, so its a Honda Civic. But its MY Honda Civic, and its pretty. And smells new. And its pretty freakin' zippy.

What do you think? Is she more a 'Shelia' or a 'Rhonda'?

So off I go, on my merry way, through rush hour traffic, drive through lines and the great wilds of Northern Wisconsin.

Now, as I've said, I'm a "do it easier" kinda Mom. My kids are disciplined, but we pretty much go with the flow. I keep books and toys in a basket in the backseat, which typically buy me entire minutes of quiet before my boys start to fight over who gets that one I Spy book they both must have.

So when Nick asked if he could keep his activity book and crayons from BW3s, I was like, "Eh, sure. Why not?" And it was the best idea he'd probably ever had. I actually put other coloring books in my car, enjoying the semi-quietude they provided.

Until one hot June day, when, on the way to the park, Nick said from the backseat, "Uh oh Mom. My crayons got all yucky."

Uh oh.

"What do you mean, 'yucky'?"

"Um, this one just feels GROSS. And I can't get it out of my crayon holder."

Oh crap. Crayon holder? We don't have a crayon holder.

When we stopped a few minutes later I walked around to open his door, not entirely sure what I'd find.

"See Mom?" He was pointing to the door, and this little "cup-like" thing next to the door handle. Well, of course it was exactly the size of four or five crayons, and of course they had completely melted into a multi-colored lump of wax and paper.

New car #FAIL
This was the best I could do.

It took me 20 minutes and my brand new Honda Civic key to dig those puppies out.

Brand new car #FAIL.


Mrs4444 said...

Pretty funny. I've had the same model (2006) (same color, too) all this time and never realized it had a crayon holder!!!haha

Heather said...

oh my word. hahahaha.

i used to have a civic, i LOVED that car. my BFF has a 2 door one and it's fabulous!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! That just cracked me up!
And that is why I'll drive our icky Momvan until it dies--because my children will DESTROY a newer interior in SECONDS.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sounds like something that we would do too.

Roger said...

Now it looks lived in. :)

Tara R. said...

I've heard that WD-40 is good for getting out melted crayon. Spray on and wipe off... worth a try.

I love my Honda too.

Tara R. said...

I've heard that WD-40 is good for getting out melted crayon. Spray on and wipe off... worth a try.

I love my Honda too.

Josh said...

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Burgh Baby said...

Two words for you: Goo Gone.

Don't bother trying until it's a little cooler, though.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...


JustOneMiss said...

Aww man! That happened to me in my honda except instead of in the door handle, they were on the seat. They did give me a free multi-colored seat though! ;)

Kelley said...

I told my kid that little round thing was a drink holder, not a CUP holder like I SHOULD HAVE.

So he poured MILK into it. And I didn't notice for a couple of days until it had solidified.

That was 5 years ago. On a hot day you can still smell it.