Thursday, November 11, 2010

Interview with Will, age 3

I once interviewed Nick and it made for a really funny, cute post. So I sat down the other day with Will, thinking he was old enough now to do the same because he's at the stage where he'll tell some long, super-detailed story about why he wants what he wants or how he thinks something works. I thought I'd get some really fun answers to share with y'all, but it just goes to show you how different two brothers can be.

The little cheesy one

I actually typed this all out while doing the interview so that I wouldn't have to remember what he said later.

What's your favorite color?

Why is that your favorite?
Cuz it is. Can I have a orange?

We don't have any baby.

What's your favorite tv show?
Sesame Street

Why do you like it?

OK, OK! Who's your favorite character on Sesame Street?

Why is he your favorite?
Because. I love him.

Cuz he's red?

And he has an orange nose?

What's your favorite food?

What kind of noodles?
The noodles. The cheesy ones. That are white. You know? (He means the macaroni & cheese from Panera, which I agree is heavenly!)

What other things do you like?
Can I do that? (points to the keyboard) I do that.

No, Mommy has to type.
I want to type it!

Let Mommy do it. You just answer the questions.

(Typing) bijbkmkm gkg ml

Nice job. Now what?
You did a whole lot. Now its my turn.

Shaking my head...
(More typing) mj kfdsjk mcm lkmklkm l kmko mvjk mfdokmodmklpdfmlpodsloopol

OK. Good job!
Ho ho ho ho ho! Wow. Can I do it some more?

No baby.
I'm very good at it.

I know baby. Are you my baby?
Yes-a. I wanna do it!

(Again, with the typing)

At least you have your fingers on 'home row'. I couldn't do that at three. Do you like being three?

Here - you sit over there. What's good bout being three?
I used to be two.

You're not very good at this.
Yes I am!

What's your favorite thing?
Baseball Wii

Are you a better hitter or pitcher?

How come?
Cuz yeah. Because I (insert lots of unintelligible but very adamant words here) and I was mad.

Oh. Why were you mad?
Cuz I was.

Never mind. Who's taller? You or Nick?

What is your brother good at?
Mario Kart Wii. I hate Mario Kart Wii.

How come?
Because it is.

Yeah...alright... What is Mommy good at?
Uh...I dunno. Working at home?

What is Daddy good at?
Sleeping. At home.

Wait! Come back! Let's finish this - we're leaving soon!
I don't wanna leave soon!

Why not?
Cuz NO. I wanna stay home. All day.

Well its almost time to pick up Nicholas. We can't just leave him there.
Yes we can.

Sigh. What does daddy do at work?
Ummmm...I don't know.

You know some of it.
Where IS Daddy?

At work. If you could have one thing in the whole wide world, what would you want?
I would do that.

Do what?
Working at the computer.

Really? Why?
Because YES-A!



Tara R. said...

Hate to tell you, an interview with my teen would probably go about the same way. Will is an absolute cutie!

Roger said...

Aren't you glad that you typed it out as it was moving along? Whew! That would be hard to remember otherwise. Yay Will! :-)

Marni said...

That's awesome. I might have to copy you.

Odd question... why do you use disque for comments? I have been using intensedebate and really like it. These ones seem to take longer to load for me. Do they have more advantages?

Secret mom said...

That was super cute. I may try that too.

Melissa/Green Girl said...

You totally captured the wonderful randomness of that age!

Patty@NYC Girl at Heart said...

So cute! Next time someone asks me questions I'm going to answer with "Just because!" Love it!

melisalw said...

Comedy gold. It's a keeper, for sure!
I wish I had been blogging when my kids were that age...sigh.

P.S. dsjfowenv'e lksdufewn nosiuef;n