Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finding God

We were drunk.

I mean, not really drunk. We'd each had only two beers. It was the addition of the karaoke and the dancing and the laughing that had us in such an inebriated mood. We pulled back into the parking lot of the hotel screaming the lyrics to Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive and decided it was horrific that as close as we were to the beach our toes had not yet touched sand.

So round about 2 a.m. we pulled on our winter coats and made our way through the hotel. We were probably in front of the live web cam that's focused on the outdoor pool when we shouted,

"I've seen a thousand places -- AND I ROCKED 'EM ALL! CUZ I'M A COWBOY..."

 Hell YES we could sing.

It was dark and windy. As we opened the gate and made our way down the wooden staircase to the beach Melissa worried, "I hope there's no glass." To which I replied, "I hope there are no murderers." Perspective, y'all.

Suddenly I looked up. STARS. Hundreds and hundreds of stars. Gasping, I grabbed Melissa's arm. "LOOK UP." It was breath-taking.

The sand was freezing cold, but we made our way to the water's edge. "Be careful!" she hissed.

"I'm just going to put my toes in." It was like a need at that moment. I had to touch that water.

It was ice cold. Shockingly cold. I looked up at the waves that were noisily crashing into the sand just feet away from me.

There was no end to the ocean. It just blended right into the black sky, and the stars reached down to touch the water. It was amazingly powerful. We were part of this...this endless cycle...this chain that started in the dark sky and looped around into the water and crashed back up at us. It was powerful and beautiful and awe-inspiring.

We both stood there, in the freezing cold sand with our hair whipping about us, just staring.

Then we yelled into the wind,


Photo by The Chatty Momma

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