Friday, February 25, 2011


I have this crazy friend, Melissa. She sent me a message a few months ago, saying, "There's a small blogging conference in North Carolina in February. On the beach. We should go!"

Now...the temperature in Wisconsin in February is about 30°. Southeast North Carolina? In the 60°s. And because its a first-time conference, the cost was low, and the airfare was reasonable, too. (It actually cost me less to fly and stay here than it would have cost for me to fly to Detroit to see her!)

So I replied, "OK!"

And that is how I've found myself at the Ocean Isle Inn this week, in a room facing the ocean.


Looking at water has always been therapeutic for me. It calms me...soothes my soul and eases away the crazy tension that every day life collects.

And hanging out with a bunch of other chickie friends and laughing until 1 a.m. ain't bad, either.

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