Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday 13 - I think I can, I think I can...

I could so easily write 13 things that pissed me off between last night and this morning, but who wants to read my gripes? Instead, here are 13 things I'm thankful for, in an attempt to be more positive.

1) I'm glad I missed the train to Chicago - this way I won't be utterly exhausted by the end of the day.

2) I'm so happy we're getting 1-3" of snow today. At least its not the 4-8" they originally predicted.

3) I'm really excited that Nick came in to sleep by us this morning - he looked up at me and said, "Mama, I love you to the moon and back" before I left for work.

4) I'm almost thankful that the baby is cutting molars. It makes his cheeks the most adorable cherubic pink. We'll not talk about his clinginess and how much he's been drooling (and pooping).

5) It's a good thing Nick talks non-stop when we're in the car. It shouldn't make me crazy; I should be thankful he's intelligent enough to come up with absolutely random comments, such as, "Mom, this french fry looks like a rainbow."*

6) I love it when the kids won't go to sleep. I get a chance to watch them giggle their silly little heads off at each other and jump on their beds until 9:45 until Mommy threatens to run away and join the circus. Then the tears start because they can't run away and join the circus. (Nick finds this upsetting, then Will cries in sympathy for his brother.)

7) I love working late. It means that I don't have to cook. Instead, the baby ate a chalupa from Taco Bell for dinner. You fed a baby CHILI?!?**

8) Ah, the nights that I only get to talk to my husband for seven-and-a-half minutes. Instead of blabbering on and on to him about the day I've had, I can watch completely satisfying television programs, such as Dateline on the ID channel.

9) I had creamer for my coffee this morning. That was good.

10) I love it when I run out of clean underwear. That means I get to dig in the back of my drawer for those really sexy red panties I haven't had the reason to wear in five years. They're completely comfortable to wear to the office.

11) I got a shower in this morning. Showers are good. With the Brown Sugar & Fig body wash I bought as a splurge from Bath & Body Works. Mmm. I smell like candy.

12) I just realized that with #10 & #11 combined I could be a stripper. Or a hooker. OOH! New career opportunities! Maybe I can work part-time...

13) And yesterday is over. The fun begins anew today...lucky me!

*It wasn't a multi-colored french fry, it was just long and curved.

**100 points to the first person who can name that movie!!!


Kat said...

I don't know the name of the movie but remember seeing it! :-) I miss my children being young...they are all grown up and have children of their own (I an spoil them now!) Happy TT

Mine is up at

Sassy Mama Bear said...

ROFL creamer for the coffee in the morning is worth happiness any day...if you don't have it, try cool whip, works great.
Are you getting the snow, none up here by Oshkosh.
My TT is up @ The Cafe.

Kalynne Pudner said...

I like this positive spin idea; I just might steal it! It wasn't until you claimed the red panties were comfortable that I smelled sarcasm. Though #6 did make me wonder if you were sane. But then again, who could blame you, living amidst all that snow? Bless your heart.

(No, really I get it about the snow. I got my bachelor's at Marquette. Headed south the MOMENT the diploma hit my hot little hand.)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, at the same time I was stopping by yours!

Manic Mom said...

Shoot, Raising Arizona? Shoot, I KNOW I've seen whatever movie that's from?

This post had me cracking up! You are definitely a glass half full kinda stripper gal!

Melisa said...

MR. MOM!!!

I win I win I win!!!


Melisa said...

And I'm a Mom, so I guess if I did win, then your blog title is really true! LOL

Colleen said...

YAY! Melissa wins!!! 100 points to Melissa.

Bob, let's tell her what she's won...

Shelley said...

Dang it, Melisa beat me to it. I love Mr. Mom. Then the TV repair lady and the exterminator all go running out of the house, and Michael Keaton has nose plugs and tongs to change the baby's diapers. Hee.

Bath and Body Works..mmmmm.