Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Rambles

Have you entered my gas card giveaway yet?

Anyone else see Baby Borrowers last night? Damn. Tell me I was never that stupid. (I was, but not about babies. We had a few in our house and I baby sat for a lot more.) Just freaking ASTOUNDING how spoiled those kids are!

Summerfest starts today. Boy does it SCREW UP parking here at work but I'm giggling like a madwoman, rubbing my hands together thinking about all the good people watchin' I'll be doin'.

Enter day three of the great laundry moratorium at our house. What we thought was a slow-draining washtub has turned into a much larger project that involves smashing up said 1,000-year-old concrete washtub in order to haul pieces out of the basement and replacing it with a new plastic one. Trouble *now* is that hubby forgot one teensie weensie little part and when he went to get it last night the hardware store was closed. Damn.

One week till my next vacation! WHOOT WHOOT!

Do you hate it when people say "WHOOT WHOOT" or type OMG? I do. I mostly write it tongue-in-cheek style and laugh silently in my mind. The way I do when I say SWEEEET. (Hubby gets the joke...that's all that matters, right?) Problem with this? The 3-yr-old says things are "FWEEET." We're workin' on it.

How many more social networking sites can they possibly come up with? I have a MySpace page, a Facebook page, I twitter, I stumble upon...but I can't quite get into plurk. People say its simple and addictive but I just don't get it. Maybe I'm slow. Maybe its my body's way of defending me from yet another time suck.

My one-year-old gives the best hugs! Yesterday I got home from work and he was so happy to see me he started calling "Mama! Mama!" in a really cute sing-song while bouncing up and down. I came into the room and his little chubby arms went up to me. When I picked him up he gave me the biggest squeeze, then a baby-style open-mouth kiss (lots of drool involved). Then he promptly twisted his body around and just about flung himself on the floor. have a 20 second attention span again.

Hubby sold the Suburban yesterday. For awhile there we had three gas sucking SUVs. The two we are left with are much smaller and gas-efficient. We were sort of afraid that no one would buy the thing, with gas prices the way they are, but Hubster put it up on Craig's list and parked it on a semi-busy street and it was gone in two days. That calls for a "WHOOT WHOOT".

My new guilty favorite summer treat? Mountain Dew slushies from Speedway. can get a 44 oz. one for 79¢. SWEEET...and cold.

I found this one on a few weeks back. Its the brightest spots on Earth at night. Its really cool. From there, you can read a story by astronaut Ed Lu that includes images he took from a module on the International Space Station.

If someone hands something to me I'll take it. Doesn't matter what it is. It's a weird sickness.

Will is going through a stage where he WILL NOT go into his car seat without a fight. The other day, he was twisting his body into shapes I didn't know the human form could take, while screaming his head off as though I was sawing off his right leg. Nick says to him: "William. Momma always wins. Every time." HA!


R.L.Scovens said...

I left a comment on Itsy Bitsy's blog about the Baby Borrowers! It was great! Some of those kids are so immature as people, they have no need for a baby!! I hated the girl who said she wouldn't touch the baby anymore after the mom came over and corrected her! My baby would have been pulled!

Denise Patrick said...

Glad you got rid of the gas hog. And, have a GREAT vacation!!

Happy TT!

Christy said...

I can't believe you sold a big gas sucking SUV! We have a minivan, and I cringe every time we fill the gas tank.

♥tnchick♥ said...

I type woot vs. whoot! Ha. I actually go to the woot site, too.

I don't get into the social networking sites, at all.

Re: your comment. I use to pick berries as a child... we live in a Strawberry town so I guess it's expected. My kids love it, too...

Jennifer said...

i did watch that show and had 2 problems with it.

1. the girl who said she wouldn't touch the baby because of the mom. i think that mom should go over there and snatch her bald!

2. if that guy called the baby girl "it" one more time i was going to scream.

Anonymous said...

Since this was awhile ago, I bet the phase is already over! Or at least you've figured out a way to get him in the seat with out a fight. But just sister in law had a great trick for my neice. She would poke her in the belly button whenever she tried to buck out of the seat. It worked every time!