Friday, August 15, 2008

It must be genetic

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Cuz we could all use a little "laugh at ourselves" therapy.


We're a little Olympics crazy 'round these parts, which is sort of funny cuz I haven't really cared for the last two AT ALL. But as I plurked to someone Thursday night, I think its because my kids are interested and will actually sit and watch, no matter what's on.

And that's good, cuz it gives me a break from having to watch Lightening McQueen learn about real friends.

They're learnin' stuff, too - it may never have a real-life practical purpose, but the Nick now knows what volleyball is, and knows his Mama was a swimmer. Will? He just claps when the crowd cheers. But that's cool, too.

Watching the Olympics for so many days in a row has its down sides, too. After the opening ceremony, Nick played the drums on everything for about four days before I threatened that he'd never play Wii again if he didn't stop drumming on the dog.

And today? He made his own vault.

Homemade vault

But really? That's a "my bad". See where he gets it from?

Little Olympian

Me, circa 1980, pretending to be a gymnast in my swimming suit

Oh - and before I forget? My necklace winner is Suzie!


Anonymous said...

I will never forget being four years old and watching some gymnastics event on TV and thinking "I can do that." My four year old self ran and vaulted through the air and landed with my head straight into the corner of the coffee table. I will never forget my older brother screaming for my dad "DAAAAAAAD! Kristin's HURT!" The trip to the emergency room and the stiches are not forgotten either. I still have the scar. Good times.

Suzie said...


"J" said...

That is sooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!

Spice said...

I'll never forget watching the guys gymnastics olympic team the year Mitch Gaylord was on. That was a YUMMY team! Love the pictures!!!

Colleen said...

love love love the Olympics! Too bad they start as I'm putting my two to bed, otherwise I think Gavin would've really loved watching the swimming or gymnastics.

and this time I did the Linky thing right and actually linked a post w/an old pic of me. :)

Angela said...

Love those pictures!

Don Mills Diva said...

That is so cute. Me? I was gonna win a gold in high jump!

Zip n Tizzy said...

Looking at that picture, I'm afraid for my kids to see any of the Olympics! They're already leaping about enough as it is.
Awfully cute... and look at you in your swim/gym suit!

Shannon said...

Cute pics!!!! Thanks for the award.

THopgood said...

Nick gets a 15.9 for that vault!

Good form and extra bonus points for doing it in his if we could only get those olympic gymnasts to follow suit...