Thursday, August 14, 2008

My bloggie to do list

Lately I've had a bunch of little bloggie to-dos, so I'm lumping them all together in one post. Stay with me here...

First: A giveaway!!!
Yes, lately I've been the giveaway queen. But August marks my six month anniversary of blogging. (Can I consider myself *not* a newbie now?) And in the next week or so, I'll publish my 200th post. Cause for a minor celebration? Yes. (Just don't ask my hubby or his eyes may just roll back so far they fall out of his head.)

So this is what's up for grabs:

Cute, no? Shelly, the gal who won my purse giveaway, has her own Etsy store, and has graciously donated this cute pendant necklace toward my own little bloggie celebration.

Here's what to do:
1) Visit Shelly's store and comment on this post with the item you'd buy if you don't win this cute gold heart necklace.

2) Contest is open until Thursday, August 14 at 10 p.m. Central. You may enter only once per day, but each day of the contest if you'd like. If your comment doesn't name an item from Shelly's store, or if you enter more than once in the same day, I'ma kick out that entry.

3) Winner will be announced in Friday's Flashback post.
You need to pick an item you like from Shelly's store, but you'll win the gold heart pendant/chain pictured.

Next, a few weeks ago, I won a contest over at Rocks in my Dryer. Lookie what I got!

It's from Couture Moms. Green isn't the first color I would have chosen, but hell, its still better than some of the tees I got rid of this past week. In fact, its rather cute, wouldn't you say? You can order a customized one with the number of kids you have on it. (ie. you have three kids, you'd order a mom³ shirt.) And Kate (from one of my fave shows, Jon & Kate + 8) has one, too!

Item #3: An award.
I must apologize for "losing" this award, but Brenda from The Queen of Good Intentions awarded this to me waaay back in July and sometimes I just spaz out and lose track of things. Thankfully, I've not yet lost my kids.

You're supposed to award it to seven people, but damn, that'd take me a lot of time. Instead, I'm giving it to:

1) Heather at Autumn of Oak Hollow. I think she's one of those bloggers who just doesn't get the attention she deserves. I ♥ the way she writes, especially in her recent post she called "Dance like everyone's watching." Go read it - she makes a good point!

2) Mrs. 4444 from Half-Past Kissing Time.

3) Melissa from Green Girl in Wisconsin.

Now, please don't be upset I didn't write raving reviews of #2&3. Its late and I'm tired and I want to give equal bloggie love to all, but also don't want to delete what I wrote after Heather's name. They're all equally great bloggers, or would I be reading them? Go check 'em out. 'Nuff said.

And last, but certainly not least, Heather, at aforementioned Autumn at Oak Hollow awarded me this lil' beautfy.

And the award goes to:

1) Shannon at Southern Grits & Tidbits.

2) Kim at It's a Dog and Pony Show.

3) Mel at Rock and Drool.

That's it, people. That's all I got in me for tonight - now go check out Shelly's store & comment!

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Mrs4444 said...

You're a sweetheart! Thank you! I know how time consuming it can be to hand out awards, so I appreciate your thinking of me.

Off to win a prize!

wfbdoglover said...

I like the Gold Heart, to be honest with you.

Don't forget, I still have your prize you won from me.

Mrs4444 said...

Um...didn't mean that to sound conceited; like I get awards so often that I "know what it's like." tee hee

In regard to the jewelry, I like the cute cuddle bear. Also, the t-shirt is adorable. I thought it symbolized your being twice the mom! :) Cute.

Anonymous said...

I love the Gumby one towards the end!

Yay for winning contests - that shirt is way cute!

Kelsey S said...

Congrats on winning that is awesome!


Kim H. said...

Oh Honey, you about made me cry with my little award. I feel so honored. Really. My eyes are welling up. Thank you!

Okay, back to the really serious stuff - the giveaway - I totally checked out Shelly's store before - and I loved the clover - that's because I married a crazy Irishman - and I also liked the black heart.

May be since the 14th is my birthday...hee...hee...I'll actually win something! Bwahahaha! :)

Also BTW, love the tee - totally going to check it out. You look super cute in it too! :)

Anonymous said...

thank you!!! i'm so excited!!! yay! you made my day!!

THopgood said...

Honestly? I think I like the one you're giving away the best. But I also liked the Black butterfly one.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh thank you!!! That was so very kind of you! I'm glad we "met" and extended my Wisconsin Blog Network (WBN--I make up crap like this all the time).


Suzie said...

Nice tee shirt and cute necklace. Happy 6 months aniversary

Anonymous said...

and seriously...i wouldn't be able to pick just one. i love her stuff!!! it's so cool!!
happy blogaversary.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

You deserve every award that you get love, because you are the greatest and you look great in the shirt.

for the contest, first I love the "Man in the Moon" Pendant, makes me think of dreams.
See you tomorrow.

Abbreviated said...

I Heart Boys

Jennifer said...

My favorite is the Its me...Mario necklace. I love video games and that is a great piece :-)


Christy said...

Congrats on your awards.

Regarding the contest, I like the "Its me...Mario" necklace.

Anonymous said...

I like the Green with Envy necklace


Kim H. said...

Okay, you said I could enter more than once, so I'm totally doing it!

I like the black heart - and actually I'd order the one you're giving away - that one is super cute! :)

Anonymous said...

this is neat! I'm heading over to check it out.....

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Okay for today's desired pendant, You Give Me Butterflies, would be perfect for my mom or my daughter.

Penelope said...

I'm definately buying the Bob Marley pendant! I'm so excited to have it!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

if I don't win the pretty heart necklace, I would probably buy the mario necklace from her store. Cute t-shirt by the way.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I'm a big fan of giveaways. I love the shamrock pendant. And, I agree with Amanda, I like the tee, too.

Suzie said...

I like the gold heart too. does it have a long chain I ahve a very fat neck. :(

Paige said...

I like the butterfly!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Today's pendant pick would have to be Hookah Smoking caterpillar because I think I have a few pals and even my dad would love it.

Heather said...

Aw, thanks Colleen! I'm honored that you thought of me for this award! I'll post it on my blog as soon as I catch up from my mini vacation. It's amazing how two days with little internet can really back you up!

Now for the contest. I'd choose the "You Give Me Butterflies" pendant. That one is very pretty.